We understand that when a business needs a cash injection, it can be last minute.

The difficulty lenders have is that they need to get the correct paperwork in order as part of the loan application process and as this will involve not just you, but your accountants, fellow business partners and sometimes your lawyers and existing lenders to your business – all of this takes time.

The smart thing to do is to get all of the loan approvals agreed in principle ready for when your business needs it.

loan ready is a service we offer to smart customers who wish to plan ahead, knowing that when they need to make the call to us, the decision to lend has already been made and it is just a matter of agreeing the details.

We are able to advance what you need, when you need it.

You simply apply as if you wish to take out a loan and ask for an in principle decision. Then, should you wish to take up the offer in the future, provided your circumstances remain the same, you quote the loan ready reference given to you and the loan can then be finalised.

This gives your business the peace of mind, knowing that you can access pre-agreed funds should your business need it.

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