VAT can sometimes be difficult to plan for.

HMRC stipulate strict deadlines for submissions and payment of VAT. Business’s that miss these deadlines will face penalty and surcharges which is something to be avoided.

Our VAT funding facility allows you to manage your VAT payments without disrupting your business cash flow. Ideally, the VAT funding facility for a single VAT period should be spread over 3 months so that you clear the finance within the following VAT period. This will prevent your VAT backlog building up and affecting your future VAT period payment commitments.

We can provide your business with a continuous VAT funding scheduling service to allow your business to spread the VAT payments monthly on an ongoing basis.

Alternatively, we can help with financing a single VAT period as a one off facility should you require.

We can make payments direct to your bank account or accountant if you give us the authority to do so.

Key Features:

  • Our VAT funding Loan is a Private Lending facility which will not show or affect other forms of borrowing you may have.
  • No Credit checks will be undertaken as part of the Loan application process, which means the loan will not affect or be part of a credit check score.
  • Interest only repayments for terms from 3 months up to 12 months with Capital repaid at the end of the term or restructured at the end of the term if required.
  • Capital with Interest repayment loans available.
  • Early settlement of loan Capital is available with no additional charges.
  • Interest payable monthly.
  • Fixed interest rate of 2% per month.
  • No Arrangement Fee.
  • Interest on our VAT funding loan is an eligible business expense and qualifies for tax relief on the interest paid when the loan is used wholly for qualifying business purposes.